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BDH028Japanese Karura, Man-Bird Diety SOLD
18th,Early 19th Japanese Karura in original Shrine box.The Karura is a mythical bird-man creature of Hindu lore (Garuda) who was later adopted into the Buddhist pantheon as a protector deity.
The Karura in a spirit house is very rare because Karura does not appear often in Japanese Buddhist sculpture, and he is rarely the object of central devotion.
The Garuda is normally the mount of Vishnu, however this Karura is standing on the white fox which is a protector and messenger of gods and wards off evil Kimon (ominous direction where evil enters) influences in Japan. SOLD

Hand carved wood figure and iron halo flame.

Figure size: H 12"(30.5cn)
Spirit house size: H16.5"(42cm), W 10"(25cm), D 5.5"(14cm)

Location: San Francisco
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