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KYO DOL011Edo period (1615-1868) Takeda Farmer Doll.
A rare Takeda doll of a farmer collected at Japanese auction.
This style doll is called Takeda doll, which was founded by Takeda-no Izumo III in early Edo period (17th Century) who was a Ningyo Joruri (puppet) master in Osaka. He made a puppet theater like Kabuki, and copied famous Kabuki performances with puppets. His directorial techniques and play scripts were so good that many of his techniques and elements were adopted back to real Kabuki.
After his death his puppet theater also died out, however doll makers started to make dolls which have famous Kabuki postures and faces as if they were cut out from a scene of Takeda's puppet plays.
Thus unlike other japanese dall such as Hina dolls and Gosho dolls, Takeda dolls have gotten its unique and realistic postures and expressions.

This Takeda doll is a farmer which is very rare and we have never seem one in farmer outfit with a Kuwa (hoe) in his hand.
His kimono is in well worn as he is a farmer, and real hair was used for his used to be topknotted hair. (only a little bit remained at the side)

Size: H 9.5" (24cm)
Location: Kyoto warehouse
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