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Meiji Period (1868-1912) Suiban

SAI29More Details
Made out of Bronze
Very Good Condition

H4.75" W15" L9.75"
San Francisco

Price: $750.00


Japanese Edo Period (1615-1868) Wooden Daruma Statue


KYO BDH055More Details
Amazaing antique wooden Daruma Statue collected at Japanese Auction.
Daruma is the founder of Zen Buddhism in the 5th or 6th century, and credited with Zen's introduction to China during his travels to the Middle Kingdom. Centuries later it was forwarded and bloomed in Japan, where it is called Zen.

Hand carved wood, thickly coated with black and orangish red lacquer, and inlayed hand blow glass eyes. Amazing workmanship on his facial expression, wind-whipped robe, and long toe nails. There are slight chips and few hair line cracks, but still in great condition for Edo period piece.

Size: H 24"(60cm), W 12"(30cm), D 8"(20cm)
Location: Kyoto warehouse

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Japanese Silk Painting Scroll of Cherry blossom, Peony and Sparrow.

KYO SCR015More Details
Beautiful and colorful spring motif scroll of a sparrow on the branch of cherry tree, and gorgeous red and white peonies.
The image is painted on silk.
The silk ice blue color border has some foxing spots present, but image is in excellent condition.
Old celadon rollers.

circa Meiji-Taisho period. (1860s-1920s)

Size: W 22.5" (57cm), L 5'11" (180cm)
Location: Kyoto warehouse

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Price: $325.00


Japanese Antique Stone Yukimi Lantern

KYO GAR0145More Details
A Large hand carved granite stone Yukimi style lantern.
Yukimi means snow gazing in Japan. The large canopy collect snow on the top and people found delight in gazing the snow from inside of the house. Late Edo period (19th Century)
There are 6 windows on the light box and there are 2 antique glass and wooden window frames remaining which are about 100 years old.

Approx. size: Height 3'(96cm), Diamter 3'(96cm)
Location: Kyoto Warehouse

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Ogura no Nishiki Vol.5 / Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Illustrated Expository Book

BOK005More Details
Ogura Hyakunin Isshu is a collection of one hundred best old poems chosen by Kino Tsurayuki in the Kamakura Era, about 800 years ago
This book is one of the 5 series of 100 poems. Each book has 20 poems and each poem has 2 page wood block print illustration which connotes the scene and feeling of the poem.
Most of the pages are painted by hand over the wood block prints and some paintings continue on the frames. Each poem has adifferent design frame.
It is one of a kind book and amazingly well done.

Some foxing and aging spots present, but the colors are still very bright and beautiful.

Dated 1936.
Published in Kyoto.

$850.- each
Size: Width 9.25"(23.5cm), Length 13"(33.5cm), Thickness 1.5" (3.5cm)

Location:SF shop
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