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BISHAMON, Kyoto region, close to 400 years old. Wood with Glass eyes, Polychrome , natural pigments. H 54" W 25" D 19" SOLD

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Japanese artwork, Tamonten is most commonly shown holding a stupa in his right hand, a weapon in the left, and standing atop a demon (sometimes two). However, his iconography is not rigidly prescribed. He may be shown in Chinese fashion with left hand on hip, or standing atop earth-goddessJiten and flanked by two demon attendants or holding the pagoda in his left hand But such latter depictions of Tamonten are relatively rare in Japan. The Jiten / Demon format, for instance, is predominantly assigned to independently worshipped Tobatsu Bishamon. "
He is a Museum piece and thats probably where he will end up. He is from the Kyoto region and over 400 years old. Wood / Polychrome. Natural pigments.

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Chinese 19th Century roof tile in good condition.
Has some minor chips but maintains dignity of piece. Temple roof tile collected at Japanese auction. Put in auction by Japanese collector of roof tiles. ON HOLD

Price: $1200.00


Jizo 19th Century Kyoto region. Carved stone. Exceptional patina and form. more,...SOLD
Ship To IRE.///

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Collected at auction in Japan.
Jizo (Bodhisattva or Bosatsu in Japanese):
Master of Six States of Reincarnation.
Protector of Children, Expectant Mothers, Firemen, Travelers, and Pilgrims.
Protector of Aborted / Miscarried Babies.
Guardian of Children in Limbo

Price: $875.00


Mid Edo Period SHUNGA ,,Original Wood Block, ( Ukiyoe) scroll with Demons, Ghost, and Mythological figures/ SOLD

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Very Rare Edo period Shunga.
Size: H11.5", L94"
Location: Kyoto

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Bronze Usubata, Japanese Ikebana Vase with Waves

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A master piece Usubata, Japanese Ikebana flower vase made of cast bronze. It is amazing work that these delicate and fine lines create such dynamic and powerful raging waves and splashes.
Late Edo to Meiji period. (19th Century)
Signed by the artist.

Size: H 8"(20cm), W 11" (28cm), D 7" (18cm)
Location: Berkshire Warehouse
Please ask for shipping rate to your address. Thank you.

Price: $1800.00

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