A17MELHagoita Advertisement from a 19th Century Kyoto tea Shop in Shimabara, ( Famous area that the Oiran were located in Kyoto) . Oiran,( Oiran were courtesans in Japan). The oiran were considered a type of yujo "woman of pleasure" or prostitute. However, they are distinguished from the yujo in that they were entertainers. This large Hagoita in its original display box . MORE
and many other pcs came up at a Kyoto auction when a House and Its Kura, ( Japanese warehouse) were taken down in Shimabara neighborhood in Kyoto. This was the Advertisement for Kabuki ,( Japans greatest kabuki theater only blocks away) in a Tea shop window,( Name of shop was Baba Suigyokuen). Comes with info about this legendary tea shop.

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