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Japanese Antique Ofuku (Otafuku) Doll

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Ofuku is one of Japanese favorite good luck bringer figure. Displayed frequently in shop windows.
This character is founded in Sarugaku (origin of Noh play) as an ordinary woman. A woman with small nose, large forehead, plumped cheeks were symbol of happiness, wealth, and beauty in ancient days in Japan. Also her name "Fuku" means happiness.
There is a temple in Kyoto warships Ofuku, and she is enshrined as guardian deity of houses and buildings.

This earthenware Ofuku figure is very old. Some of her painting is gone because many people have been rubbing her for good luck. Her topknot is missing.
Circa early 20th century.

Size: H 12.5" (32cm), W 8" (20cm), D 8.5" (22cm)
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Price: $450.00


Japanese Antique Bunraku Puppet Head of Woman

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A beautiful real Bunraku Head with real hair and eyes close by pulling the string.

Bunraku, also known as Ningy? j?ruri, is a form of traditional Japanese puppet theater, founded in Osaka in 1684.
The heads of traditional puppets are carved by specialists. Controls for all movements of parts of the head are located on a handle that extends down from the neck of the puppet and are reached by the main puppeteer inserting his left hand into the chest of the puppet through a hole in the back of the torso.

There is small crack just under her lips.

Size (not including the neck and stick): H 5.5" (14cm), W 6" (15cm), D 6.5cm (17cm)
Height with the stick : 12" (30cm)
Location: Kyoto warehouse
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Price: $1950.00


Authentic Burmese Cigar Smoking Nat

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Put a lit cigar in her hand then you may safely travel in her area. (From 37 Nats of Burma). Collected in the Shan State, Burma, (Myanmar). One of the 37Nats of Burma.

Date: Early 20th century
Size: H20.5", W12", D10"
Location: West Stockbridge MASS

The cigar smoking hand has been professionally repaired. It was very badly burned from years of cigar donations. Teakwood with lacquer paint

Price: $850.00


Large Quipie Doll with green wings

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H 42cm, W 36cm

Price: $90.00


EDO PERIOD ( 1615-1868) Very large Ningyo head, Condition Fair but size extremely Rare. Old Repair

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Location: San Francisco

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