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Japanese Antique Echizen Kiln Celadon Vase

VAS035More Details
A simple beautiful celadon vase from Echizen Kiln (located in northern Fukui prefecture, Japan) which gives an impression of coolness.
It is in great condition.

Size: H 12" (30cm), W 3" (8cm), D 3" (8cm)
Location: BERKSHIRE Warehouse

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Price: $175.00


Large Wave Stand Usubata Decorated with Cloisonne

VAS020More Details
Very large Japanese bronze usubata (Ikebana vase) on gold plated waves and coloful cloisonne work and fine etching around the out side of the basin.

It is unusual large size and unusual amount of work and decoration for an Usubata.
It is in good condition.
Mid - Late Edo Period (18th - Mid 19th Century)

Size: Diameter 40cm, Height 30cm
Location: Berkshire Warehouse
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Price: $2400.00


Cloisonne Vase by Fujiwara Mitsunaga

VAS017More Details
Edo period brass vase with Shippo-yaki (cloisonne) kiku (chrysanthemum) flowers.
There is a cast brass bottom inside with family crest and beautiful tiger, signed by a famous Edo period Kagami-shi (Mirror master) Fujiwara Mitsunaga.

Mid to late Edo period (1800s)
Good Condition.

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Size: H8.5"(21cm), Diameter 7"(18cm)

Location: Berkshire Warehouse

Price: $1200.00

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