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Vases & Flower Items/Ikebana: (Page 1)

Ikebana Basket / Kago

BSK100More Details
A hand woven bamboo basket with water container inside. It is in great condition.

Date: Showa period (1925-1980)
Size: H 13", Dia:5"
Location: Berkshire warehouse

Price: $150.00


Japanese Ceramic Round Vase with Hand painted Peony and Tanka Verse

VAS011More Details
Beautiful hand painted peony and famous Ono no Komachi's Tanka (31 syllabled verse) on the other side.
The crack at the bottom was originally designed.
Meiji,pos.Taisho/Late 19th - early 20th Century

Size: H 15.5" x W 16" x D 3"
Please ask for an international shipping fee.

Location: Berkshire Warehouse

Price: $575.00


Japanese Hanaire / Bamboo Flower basket

BSK010More Details
A large waven bamboo flower basket collected at Japanese antique auction.
Signed by an artist name Shou-Ou.
It comes with original wooden box.
It is in good condition.

Earlier 1900s.

Location: Berkshire Warehouse
Please e-mail us for shipping rate to where you are.

Size: H 25.5"(65cm), Diameter 10"(25cm)

Price: $750.00


Bronze Carp and Turtle Usubata Vase

VAS016More Details
A Beautiful cast bronze Usubata, an Ikebana vase with carp and turtles.
Cloud shape handles and waves on the legs.
Meiji - Taisho period (1860s - 1920s)
Some damage but overall a beautiful pc.

Size: Height 11" (28cm), Diameter 12" (31cm)
Location: Berkshire Warehouse

Please ask for shipping rate to your address.

Price: $350.00


Copper Vase with Geese.

VAS013More Details
Japanese hand pounded copper vase with geese and reed.
Signature at the bottom reads Seiun.

Later 1800s to earlier 1900s.
Good condition.
Please ask for an international shipping rate.
Size: H 17.5"(45cm), Diameter 9"(23cm)

Location: BERKSHIRE Warehouse

Price: $850.00

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