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Vases & Flower Items/Ikebana: (Page 1)

Japanese Natural Wood Burl Ornament used in Japanese Flower display.

MSC061More Details
A large and heavy spiky burl with naturally formed holes.
Possibly Japanese crape myrtle tree.
Great for Flower arrangement. Circa early 20th C.

It is in great condition.

Size: H 19.5", W 20, D 13"
Location: Berkshire Warehouse

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Dragon Usubata, Ikebana Flower Arrangement Vase

VAS041More Details
Rare design Japanese bronze Usubata for Ikebana (flower arrangement) with a Dragon blowing flame from the bottom.

It is in perfect condition.
It comes in wooden box.
Circa Meiji-Taisho period. (1868-1912)

Size: H 11"(28cm), W 16"(40cm), D 12"(31cm)
Location: Berkshire Warehouse
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Price: $875.00


Kiyomizu-yaki Ichirin-zashi / Japanese Flower Vase from Kiyomizu kiln

CER031More Details
A Beautiful light yellowish ceradon vase with gold glaze from Kiyomizu kiln in Kyoto.
A perfectly symmetric appearance with the gold glaze rolls down freely.
In the gold glaze, there are hundreds of small crystal-like substanse which reflects the light from different angles and shines.
Signature at the bottom reads Kouraku.

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Size: H10"(25.5cm), Diameter 4"(10cm)

Location: Berkshire Warehouse

Price: $275.00


Meiji Period (1868-1912) Japanese Vase with a Bird

SKJ100More Details
Collected at an auction in Japan.
It has invisible tiny hole on the bottom, so it would not be usable with live flower, but still beautiful to display itself or with imitated flower.

H9" W4.5"
Location: Berkshire Warehouse

Price: $375.00


Antique Shigaraki Tsubo (vase).

SHIG1More Details
Collected at an auction in Japan.
Master piece
This tsubo is beautifully done with a lot of ash on it. (leaving ash on tsubo is one of the features of Shigaraki Vase)

H10.75" W7.75"
San Francisco
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Thank you,

Price: $550.00

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