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SCROLLS/Kakejiku: (Page 1)
KSCR 127
KSCR 127

Kannon Scroll Late 19th Century, Good condition

KSCR 127More Details
Size: H70", W24.5"
Location: Kyoto

Price: $450.00

KSCR 125
KSCR 125

Ebisu Scroll with Tai, ( Red Snapper)

KSCR 125More Details
Painted on Silk.

Size: H79", W23.5"
Location: Kyoto

Price: $175.00


Japanese New Year Zodiac Scroll of "Monkey"

KYO SCR059More Details
Very well painted monkey scroll for the year of Monkey.
Signature reads Kou Un.
Foxing spots appear on the image.
It comes in original wooden box.

Size: W 17", H 6'7.5"
Location: Kyoto Warehouse
Please contact us for shipping rate to your address. Thank you.

Price: $375.00


Japanese Carp Scroll

KYO SCR055More Details
Dynamic hand painted scroll of a black carp jumping out of water.
In Japan and China, carp is a symbol of success in carrier. Especially the one jumping out of water.

Size: W 20.5", H 6'3"
Location: Kyoto warehouse

Please contact us for shipping rate to your address. Thank you.

Price: $475.00


Painting of a Chinese Woman Standing by the Tree

PAT002More Details
Old painting of a beautiful young Chinese woman standing by the tree.
It was probably mounted as a scroll previously.
Circa late 1800s.

Size: W13"(32.5cm), L23.5"(60cm)

Location:SF shop
Please e-mail us at asiagalleries@sbcglobal.net for the shipping rate to your address.

Price: $375.00

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