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Antique Buddha/Butsuzou: (Page 1)

Edo period Japanese Kannon. Protector of children/Goddess of Mercy.
Unusual Gilt wooden Kannon from Kyoto area.
Stand is more recent.

Price: $900.00


Edo-period bronze temple 'kouro'-incense burner/hibachi with cranes

Price: $850.00


Japanese ceramic Kannon from Edo-period; width 5" height 16", comes with 'dai' (stage) and box

KAY51More Details
A piece of paper with 'Mariya'-Mary-written in 'Katakana'-angular Japanese characters often used for loanwords-was attached on the back of the Kannon. Christianity was banned during this time in Japan, so one may assume the Kannon was a camouflage for the owner, a secret follower of the religion.

Price: $750.00


Japanese Iron 'Goju-no-Tou'; 5 storey pagoda from early Showa

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Each storey has a significant meaning in Buddhism; from the bottom up, 'chi'-ground, 'sui'-water, 'hi'-fire, 'kaze'-wind ('seika'-) and 'sora'-sky.

Small;SOLD Large;$1,200

Price: $1200.00


Japanese shrine/temple 'Shishi'; Edo period
Dated on both Shishi, ( Temple, Carver etc..)
Dated 1780. Keyaki, ( Zelkova ) wood.

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In Buddhism, 'shishi' is known to have 'spiritual' powers especially around its great head and curly mane ('shishi-mou'). They are placed in shrines and temples, and will feed on the evil/vengeful mind of those who enter, helping them in purifying and settling their hearts.

Price: $2800.00

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