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KBDH 127
KBDH 127

Gilt Buddha

KBDH 127More Details
Date: Mid Edo period (1690-1730)
Size: H17.5", W9", D7"
Location: Kyoto

Price: $475.00

KBDH 126
KBDH 126

Gilt Kannon w/Double Lotus Stand

KBDH 126More Details
Wooden Kannon.
Kannon: Japanese Kwan Yin. Goddess of mercy.
Date: Early Edo period (1615-1690)
Size: H17", W6.5", D5"
Location: Kyoto

Price: $1375.00

KBDH 125
KBDH 125

Monk's Juzu (Beads)

KBDH 125More Details
Price: Large Juzu w/Yellow Stone $250,,( SOLD)
Small Juzu $175each

Price: $0.00


Japanese Antique Edo period (1615-1868) Seated Daruma


KYO BDH056More Details
Hand carved wood Daruma, a founder of Zen Buddhism. The hand blown eyes are broken but still have great strict facial expression to warn people against conceited mind.
It looks like used to have a dragon painted on his robe.

Size: H 14.5" (37cm), W 9.5" (24.5cm), D 6 3/4" (17cm)
Location: Kyoto warehouse
Please contact us for shipping rate to your address. Thank you.

Call For Price


Shan State Jambupati Buddha,( Late 18th early 19th C.) One of two Jambupati Buddha collected in the Shan State Burma,( Myanmar).

KBUR2More Details
Exceptionally rare find. Stone Feet have been re- carved. Stone Head, Body, Crown, and hands are all original.

Price: $3500.00

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