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KBDH 130
KBDH 130

Early Showa (1930's) Gilt Buddha w/Original Scroll that was inside zushi, ( Shrine box) Scroll dates 19th Century. Buddha is 1940's or there about.SOLD

KBDH 130More Details
Date: Early Showa period (1926-1940)
Location: Kyoto
Exceptional carving/ Very good quality. SOLD

Price: $

KBDH 132
KBDH 132

Taisho/Early Showa Period Iron Kannon. She has been through a lot but maintains her dignity

KBDH 132More Details
Size: H17.25", W6"
Location: Kyoto

Price: $275.00


Kannon, Taisho period Ceramic.RED KANNON,( Protector of Children) Kyoto Temple pc. VERY RARE INDEED. Dated Taisho 6. 1918.

GB001More Details
Has some small breaks on fingers. Otherwise very good condition. Collected at Kyoto auction

Price: $1800.00

This product has sold out.

Japanese Amida Nyorai Buddha

BDH101More Details
Amida Nyorai is a celestial buddha described in the scriptures of the Mahayana school of Buddhism. Amitabha is the principal buddha in the Pure Land sect, a branch of Buddhism practiced mainly in East Asia. "Amita ha" is translatable as "Infinite Light," hence Amitabha is often called "The Buddha of Infinite Light."

Date: 19th century
Size: H21", W13.5", D12.5"
Location: Asia Gallerie's Great Barrington MASS warehouse

Price: $5800.00

BDH103 R.L
BDH103 R.L

Nichiren Statues

BDH103 R.LMore Details
Nichiren was a Buddhist monk who lived during the Kamakura period (1185–1333) in Japan. Nichiren taught devotion to the Lotus Sutra.

On the Right;
Size: H4.5", W4", D2.5"
Price: $75

On the Left;
Size: H4", W4.75", D3.25"
Price: $90

Location: Asia Gallerie's Great Barrington MASS warehouse

Price: $0.00

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