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Antique Buddha/Butsuzou: (Page 1)

Edo period Bronze Shishi Kouro, Lion-Dog Incense Burner

KYO OKI079More Details
Amazing quality cast bronze incense burner collected at Japanese auction.
Circa mid-late Edo period (18th-19th century)
Shishi is translated as "lion" but it can also refer to a dog with magical properties and the power to repel evil spirits.
The open mouth, along with the pierced ball, indicate a male shishi, representing the Yang, male, and active principle of the universe.

The ball he is holding has design of peony flowers. Shishi (king of all animals) and peony (king of all flowers) are often used together for kimono motif, samurai armor decoration, painting themes, etc...

It is in excellent condition.

Size: H14" (36cm), W 20" (50cm), D 8" (20cm)
Location: Kyoto Warehouse
Please contact us for shipping rate to your address. Thank you.

Price: $1400.00


Edo period Buddha (Amida Nyorai) and two Kannon Bosatsu in Large Zushi Box SOLD

KYO BDH049More Details
An amazing set of gilded Buddha (Amida Nyorai) and two attendants Kannon.
Amida Nyorai literally means “Infinite Light / Life;” one of Japan’s loftiest savior figures, especially with Jodo Sect; was Hozo Bosatsu in earlier life; one of the Five Buddha of Wisdom (Five Tathagatas); West; one of the four satellite deities guarding Dainichi in the Ryokai Mandala.
The left Kannon holds a lotus flower, and the right Kannon is in prayer position.

All figures are old and dusty but in great condition
Zushi, the box has some missing carving at the top.

Zushi size: H 3' (90cm), W 2'2" (67cm), D 15" (38cm)
Buddha : H 2'5" (73cm)
Kannon : H 1'7" (50cm)

Location: Kyoto warehouse
Please contact us for shipping rate to your address. Thank you.

Call For Price


18th Century Shan Buddha

SHANB1More Details
Collected in Burma.
Made out of Marble Stone
H35" W19" L7.5"
San Francisco
Please ask us for the shipping rate if you are interested.
thank you,

Price: $8800.00

KBDH 129
KBDH 129

Monk's Juzu (Beads)

KBDH 129More Details
Date: 19th century

Size and Prices:
Upper left-Pits Beads L5", $125.
Upper right-Amber Beads L17", $175.
Middle-Seeds Beads L5", $75.

Location: Kyoto

Price: $0.00

KBDH 128
KBDH 128

Kannon w/Halo from Mie Prefecture/ Classic Mie Prefecture Face.

KBDH 128More Details
Wooden Kannon.
Kannon: Japanese Kwan Yin. Goddess of mercy.
Date: Edo period (1615-1868)
Size: H10", W4", D3.5"
Location: Kyoto

Price: $450.00

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