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Antique Japanese Turtle screen, EDO Period

SCN071More Details
Large 6 panel screen of turtles by Kato Bunrei (1706-1782)
Red lacquered frame.
Good condition.

Kato Bunrei was born in Iyo in Shikoku, studied under Kanou Chikanobu. He is widely known as a teacher of Tani Bunrei.

Size: W 12'2"(372cm), H 5'7"(172cm)
Location: Kyoto Warehouse

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Price: $1400.00


Antique Japanese Floral screen 19th Century

Price: $1400.00


Rinpa Screen, ( EDO PERIOD 1615-1868) Signed
More info coming

Price: $1800.00


Japanese Byoubu Screen / Kiku (Chrysanthemum)

SCN020More Details
Edo period Japanese byobu screen of Kiku flower or chrysanthemum.
Chrysanthemum is a flower of autumn in Japan.
There are 3 different colors of chrisanthemums. In spite that flowers are painted in fine details, leaves and stems are streching out lively.

The painting is dated 1865, late Edo period, fully re-mounted in Taisho-Showa period. The signature reads Nanobe Hayato, but details are unknown.

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Size: W7'4"(222m), H5'(152cm)

Location: San Francisco shop

Price: $1800.00


Fruits, Insects, & Amphibian Screen. One of 2 strange Taisho screens collected at a Kyoto auction. This screen has some damage,( Two spots as seen in picture). We are selling separately
Fair to good Condition LOCATION: SAN FRANCISCO

KFU9More Details
Very unusual Japanese screen painted almost 100 years ago. Taisho Period (1912-1926)

Price: $575.00

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