KYO TXT003Antique Sumo Wrestler's Ceremonial Apron, "Keshou Mawashi" EDO Period/Pos.Early Meiji

It has a wrestler's name which reads "Suminoya" embroidered with heavy gold thread on thick wool felt.
It also features a picture of two dragons and a sacred gem.

One of the dragon's glass eye is missing.
The loin-cloth part has some tears and holes, but decorative apron part is in good condition.

It comes in an original wooden box which is not in complete shape.
It has the wrestler's name on it, and his patrons names inside.

Apron size: W 26"(66cm), L 35"(89cm)
Entire cloth: L 8'9"(267cm)
Location: Kyoto Warehouse

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Price: $980.00


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