KYO TXT001Aizome Karajishi-Botan Kabekake Textile / Japanese Indigo Dyeing WAll Hanging with Foo-dog and Peony Motif
Japanese natural indigo dyeing Kabekake wall hanging with dynamic Foo-dog and peony motif.
Foo-dog is known as the king of all animals and peony is known as the king of all flowers.
The conbination of Foo-dog and peony is one of Japanese favorite motif commonly used for fabric designs, archtectual carvings, tatoos, etc...
Early Showa period (1930-40s)

Two wooden bars at the top and bottom of the textile which can be taken out.

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Size: W3'8" (112.5cm), H5'2"(157cm)

Location: Kyoto Warehouse

Price: $175.00


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