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Japanese Shishi Gashira / Shishi Head

KYO MNN009More Details
Carved head of a shishi or foo-dog. Most important prop in the lion dance performed at festivals.
Beautiful red lacquered with gold in his eyes.
Very old faded writing inside of the jaw, possibly 39th year of Meiji period. (1907)

Size: H 11.5"(29cm), W 20.5"(52cm), D15"(38cm)

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Price: $850.00


Japanese Blsck and Gold Lacuered Jubako / Stacked Food Boxes HOLD

KYO LCQ004More Details
A set of Japanese black lacquered ceremonial food boxes with gorgeous hand painted gold Peonys and Chrysanthemums.
4 stacking boxes with 2 lids and it comes with an original wooden strage box.
The 4th box (bottom box) has small cracks but no problem for use.
It is dated at the bottom of the storage box which reads 4th year in Bunsei era(1821), Edo period. HOLD

Size: Each box 22.5cm x 21cm x 7cm(H)
4 stack with one lid: Height 30cm
Box Size: H37cm,W27cm, D25.5cm

Location: West Stockbridge MASS
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Price: $450.00


Japanese Hanaire / Bamboo Flower basket

BSK010More Details
A large waven bamboo flower basket collected at Japanese antique auction.
Signed by an artist name Shou-Ou.
It comes with original wooden box.
It is in good condition.

Earlier 1900s.

Location: Berkshire Warehouse
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Size: H 25.5"(65cm), Diameter 10"(25cm)

Price: $750.00


Cloisonne Vase by Fujiwara Mitsunaga

VAS017More Details
Edo period brass vase with Shippo-yaki (cloisonne) kiku (chrysanthemum) flowers.
There is a cast brass bottom inside with family crest and beautiful tiger, signed by a famous Edo period Kagami-shi (Mirror master) Fujiwara Mitsunaga.

Mid to late Edo period (1800s)
Good Condition.

Please ask for an international shipping rate.
Size: H8.5"(21cm), Diameter 7"(18cm)

Location: Berkshire Warehouse

Price: $1200.00


Kiyomizu-yaki Ichirin-zashi / Japanese Flower Vase from Kiyomizu kiln

CER031More Details
A Beautiful light yellowish ceradon vase with gold glaze from Kiyomizu kiln in Kyoto.
A perfectly symmetric appearance with the gold glaze rolls down freely.
In the gold glaze, there are hundreds of small crystal-like substanse which reflects the light from different angles and shines.
Signature at the bottom reads Kouraku.

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Size: H10"(25.5cm), Diameter 4"(10cm)

Location: Berkshire Warehouse

Price: $275.00

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